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Our Technology Program is extended to all grade levels, Preschool through 8th grade.

The learning experience is not only personalized but enhanced for each student with the use of technology and modern furniture designs. Each class is equipped with interactive Short Throw Projectors while the school boasts fiber-optic secure technology to support our Google Chromebooks and Apple iPads as we prepare students for high school – helping find their passion and empowering them to pursue college. Each student is set up with a secured Google account upon registration to benefit from the software used during our Blended Learning rotations, STEM Program, and complement our teacher instruction.

Internet access is fast, reliable and protected while student activity and progress consistently reviewed. Students not only learn to use Microsoft Office Suite programs like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Photoshop but also benefit from other innovative data-driven software. This data is used by the students during check-ins to evaluate growth and develop academic goals with the support of their teacher.

Although technology is one of the tools we use to prepare our students for the challenges of tomorrow, students have the opportunity to learn from small-group collaborations, independent learning, and teacher-led instruction.

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