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St. Aloysius launched the Preschool Program on September 1, 2011, and quickly expanded to include a Transitional Kinder for 4 year-olds (TK4). We are now accepting applications and scheduling tours for both programs and look forward to supporting many young learners who wish to embark on their academic journey. Students will learn social skills, study the Open Court curriculum, and enjoy ample playtime both indoors and on our new playground with the convenience of before and after school care for an additional monthly fee.

The following information, which is required under sections of Title 22, California Code of Regulations and/or Statute, must be kept in the facility, complete and current, and readily available for review (LIC 311A).

Preschool Manual

Child’s Records

  • A. Identification and Emergency Information – Child Care Centers (LIC 700).
  • B. Child’s Preadmission Health History – Parents’ Report (LIC 702).
  • C. Child’s Preadmission Health Evaluation if not enrolled in a public or private elementary school – Physician’s Report (LIC 701).
  • D. Consent for Medical Treatment (LIC 627).
  • E. Written statement from parent(s) or authorized representative exempting child from medical assessment, immunizations, and treatment because of adherence to a religious faith that practices healing by prayer or other spiritual means; or physician’s statement that immunization is not indicated.(if applicable)
  • E1. California School Immunization Records (“blue cards”, PM 286) for non-school-age children.
  • F. Current Admission Agreement, with authorized signature(s).
  • G. Centrally Stored Medication and Destruction Record (LIC 622), if medications are handled.
  • H. Document of unusual behavior or signs of illness, special needs.
  • I. Unusual Incident/Injury Report (LIC 624).
  • J. Signed and dated receipt of Notification of Parents’ Rights (LIC 995).
  • K. Personal Rights – Community Care Facilities, Child Care Facilities (LIC 613A) receipts, signed and dated.
  • L. Authorizations for dispensing medication, signed by each child’s authorized representative.
  • M. Documentation required for health-related services (e.g., blood-glucose monitoring and nebulizer care) (LIC 9166).
  • N. Gastrostomy Tube Care: Physician’s Checklist (LIC 701A).
  • O. Acknowledgement of receipt of licensing reports (LIC 9224), if applicable.

Title IX

St. Aloysius Preschool Adheres to the tenets of Title IX: “No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving federal financial assistance.”

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