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Enrollment Fees


  • $100 per student

Technology/Student Supply Fee

  • $250 per student
    • $125 due by September 30th, $125 due by March 15th
  • This covers the maintenance/upkeep of technology, online learning programs, software licensing, student textbooks, STAR testing, digital grade reporting, and related expenses.

Preschool Tuition (ages 2-4 years)

Number of Students Monthly Tuition Annual Tuition
1 $287 $3,453
Sibling in TK-8 See Scale Below See Scale Below

Transitional Kindergarten (TK) – 8th Grade Tuition

Number of Students Monthly Tuition Annual Tuition
1 $287 $3,453
2 $419 $5,030
3 $536 $6,433
4 $653 $7,836
  • Tuition rates above are for registered St. Aloysius Parishioners only. If you are not currently registered, you have the opportunity to register during the school tour.


Fundraising & Service Hours


  • $700 per family
    • $350 due by January 15th, $350 due by May 15th

Service Hours

  • 40 hours per family
    • 20 due by January 15th, 20 due by May 15th

Fundraising and service hours are required for all families; however, families may choose to be exempt from them by paying $1,000 or having it included in their monthly payment.


Additional Responsibilities

8th Grade Graduation

  • $150 due the last day of April of graduating year

Additional Details

  • Payments may be set up for the 5th and/or 20th of every month
  • Families who pay in full have service hours and mandatory fundraisers waived
  • All tuition and fees are non-refundable unless added to a waitlist


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