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CEF Scholarship Application Due Now

February 20, 2018 by dmd

Scholarship applications for current and new families are due to the office no later than March 1st.

CEF Walk-In Appointments will take place only on Wednesdays from 1-3pm in the school office from January 31st through February 28th. Ms. Sotelo will schedule a date/time (March 19th – 23rd) to formally submit your application to a CEF employee at St. Pius X Matthias High School in Downey.

Tuition Awards Program

 – TAP is a Catholic Education Foundation program that provides financial assistance for economically disadvantaged students so they can attend Catholic school.

 – TAP provides $1,000 per student in Elementary Schools (Preschool to 8th grade) and $2,000 to high school students. These awards have resulted in a positive impact not only on the students; but, also their families and surrounding neighborhoods.

–  For questions or additional details, email Mr. Diaz or call (323) 277-7825.

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* If you get paid in cash, you need to complete the following:


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