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Red Ribbon Week

October 25, 2017 by dmd

Your Future is KeyRed Ribbon Week begins Monday, October 30th and runs through Friday, November 3rd. 

Red Ribbon Week is an alcohol, drugs, tobacco, and violence prevention awareness campaign in which all students participate in a number of different activities to show their commitment to always live drug-free! We will be promoting Red Ribbon Week through drug prevention material as well as a variety of fun activities! All funds raised during this campaign will be donated to help change the lives of teens in a local substance abuse program. Activities will include: 

Monday: “Turn your back to drugs” and wear your clothes backward

Tuesday: “Say boo to drugs” and wear your Halloween costume

Wednesday: “Use your head – don’t do drugs” and wear your favorite hat

Thursday: “Give drugs the boot” and wear your best country/western outfit

Friday: “I’m red-y to say NO to drugs” and wear all red


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